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As we have all witnessed lately, the home has become the new epicenter of production. This new workplace is presenting challenges that require innovative solutions, because they were not designed based on the user's potentially changing needs.

As of May 1, 2020, 'U.S. Provisional Patent' has been obtained for FLOWHOME and FLOWWORK methods:

Both concepts were created to meet the changing needs of home and workplace users over time. Time, being the 4th dimension, brings many uncertainties. Over time, households can become dynamic, needs may change, the number of inhabitants may change, an epidemic may occur, etc.

FLOWHOME and FLOWWORK have the answers for users facing a health crisis, natural disaster, or other unforeseen event; an innovative design allows users to recover faster and accommodate a new lifestyle, if needed (e.g., working from home).


FLOWHOME: a house that can adapt to the flow of life, that is, to the changes we experience in any period of time. FLOWHOME describes the house that does not resist time but accepts it, shapeshifting to accommodate events that happen to us throughout life. It can be physically adapted to the current number of people at home, to their needs from home, and to the events that take place there.


FLOWWORK describes the office, which can adapt itself to the many events that occur in a company's life. The office space can be physically adapted to the current number of users in the office, the needs of the users from the office, and the events that occur in day-to-day work.


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